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Access local currency stablecoins to hold or exchange for crypto.

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Use Bitspark's cash point network to exchange cash and crypto anytime.

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Refer friends to both earn rewards on exchange transactions.

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We love cash! While we have multiple deposit and withdrawal options, cash is our favorite.


Send and receive P2P instantly with zero fees.

Access the world and track transactions with Bitspark's multi-currency crypto and stablecoin options.

Cash in and out of crypto and stablecoins in your local currency at Bitspark Cash Point.

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Share. Get Rewards.

Share with a friend and get rewarded with 0.3% on their exchange transactions, paid out in Zeph. Your friend gets rewarded with 0.2% too if they use your referral code to sign up. Zeph Rewards can be traded on the market at any time.