How Zeph rewards work

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November 7, 2019

What is Zeph

Zeph is a token created by Bitspark as part of the rewards mechanism built into our services across all products. The token itself can be exchanged using the mobile app and on the Sparkdex in any of the markets available through Bitspark.

How to earn Zeph rewards

You can earn Zeph rewards by using the referral code associated with your account. Share your referral code with friends to download the app and earn 0.3% on their transactions  after signup. Plus, your friends earn an extra 0.2% on those same transactions, so it’s a win-win.

You can find your personal referral code under your profile settings when you sign in.

The bigger your network, the bigger your earnings.

For example, if your friend signs up with your code and exchanges 5000 HKD into BTC, you will earn 15HKD worth of Zeph and your friend will earn 10HKD worth of Zeph.

There are no limits to how much rewards you can earn or how many people you can sign up. Your earnings can be multiplied simply by signing up more people using your referral code. 

Build out your referral empire and start raking in Zeph rewards.

More on Zeph - How buybacks work

Bitspark buys back Zeph from the market on a monthly basis, using 25% of transaction fees earned that month. This was designed to apply continuous positive price pressure on Zeph as the Bitspark network grows, with more users cashing in, exchanging, cashing out and building their referral networks. 

Each month, we publish the status of the monthly buybacks on the Zeph Buyback page


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