Become a Cash Point

Be a local hero. Become a Bitspark Cash Point.

Make cash your strongest asset by joining Bitspark's cash in and cash out network for cryptocurrency.

Cash Point Network Benefits

A network that works for you.

Make money

Earn 1.5%  per transaction when customers exchange their cash to stablecoin, or stablecoin to cash.

Increase traffic

Explore a new customer base and upsell your existing products and services.


Choose to service verified or unverified customers.

Cash management

Exchange between cash and stablecoins conveniently.

Live support

We're here to help. Message us via our online customer service chat.

Cash Point Training

New to this? Get in touch for a demo and have all your questions answered.

How it works

Many want to exchange cash for crypto like Bitcoin but they don't know where or how. We solve the how, you solve the where.


Find out how to get started

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