Trade cryptocurrencyies and global stablecoin markets.

Sparkdex is a decentralised exchange purpose built for unique market opportunities.

Trade securely and market make the industry's next high growth markets.

Sparkdex specialises in providing traders unique profit opportunities emerging from the newest markets in crypto.

Your Keys, Your Funds

Billions have been hacked from centralised exchanges. By trading decentralised and owning your keys, you lower the risk of your funds being hacked.

High growth markets

While Sparkdex services traditional crypto markets its also your portal to unique stablecoin/stablecoin and crypto/stablecoin markets where buyers are willing to pay a premium for your trades.

High Performance

Built for high frequency p2p trading where you can trade faster than the NASDAQ, Sparkdex clears 100,000+ tx a second.

100% Provable Reserves

Monitor Bitspark's cold and hot wallets in real time through our transparency section.

Fastest deposits & withdrawals

No lag when you deposit or withdraw crypto from Sparkdex.

Leverage Cash point networks

Sparkdex is ran by Bitspark, a cash to crypto provider. Cash in or out, anytime anywhere. Learn more

Trade Anon

Sparkdex requires no AML/KYC from traders.

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