By providing the tools to access crypto, financial freedom is closer to reality.

About us

Bitspark was founded in 2014 when we were the first in the world to send a cash in, cash out Bitcoin transfer between Hong Kong and the Philippines - it was the first use case the industry saw of crypto being used for utility above all else. 

Since then, Bitspark has been the pioneer of cryptocurrency adoption by building market ready, cash to crypto products and services that make it easier to buy, exchange and sell crypto with cash in Asia.  

Our Mission

How we make crypto simple, accessible and a part of everyday life is by providing the entire process from cash to crypto. We understand that it's not enough to provide the knowledge alone, we need the tools as well. This is why Bitspark provides worldwide cash points for exchange of cash and crypto and a mobile digital wallet for users to hold, exchange or send 180+ local currency stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.

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