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Bitspark understands the importance of having a reliable payment and exchange platform to send your business transactions. So let us take care of the process while you enjoy the benefits of using cryptocurrency.


Gain a competitive edge by connecting to Bitspark rates and more cash out locations in Asia and Africa. Access it here.

business SUPPORT

Bitspark's team provides LIVE business support to assist you with your transfer experience.

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Save 1 - 14% on every transfer through Bitspark Web for your business transactions.


We handle the tech so your experience happens seamlessly on our user-oriented designed platform.

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Deposit your money at Bitspark’s Hong Kong ultra-vault facilities with our armoured truck pick-up services.


Access global stablecoins and cryptocurrencies with Bitspark to send, receive and exchange.

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What Businesses Say?

In the years since 2016, we have had productive and satisfying collaboration with Bitspark... The team are always affable, knowledgeable and responsive in our dealings. Bitspark is certainly a trustworthy partner in their field of specialty. 
Ryan Leong
CEO - Vitaxel Group Ltd.
Bitspark is a breath of fresh air in an industry that does not support the “common man”, the ingenious way in which Bitspark uses crypto-currency during the transfer process means lower fees and better rates, which is a win-win for both our clients and our business, and with the great team always at hand to answer ANY questions, night or day, customer services is second to none. Now we offer great rates, great service and have greater profits!
Mohammad Qadri
CEO - Crypto Solutions UK
As a licensed MTO in UK AML/KYC regulations have to be followed and as such we have managed to integrate Bitspark into our existing business model without any issues as a “supplier”. As a rule we pride ourselves on offering an excellent service to our clients and giving them the best rates on the market, which is great for recognition but not so great for profits (which lets all agree is what business is about). Since the introduction of Bitspark into our business we no longer have to worry about the latter.
Thank you, Bitspark.
Mohammed Taj Ghaus
Senior Partner - Universal Services
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