For unbanked people

A bankless app for your
financial needs.

Available now on Android and coming soon to iOS.

Easy deposit

Deposit cash at Bitspark's network by visiting Bitspark agents in Hong Kong.

Access every currency

Access and exchange fiat pegged stablecoins and cryptocurrencies with cash out options.

Best exchange rates

Ensure the best rates every time you send and exchange using crypto.

Cash in, cash out

Cash in and cash out with with Bitspark's 500k cash point network at local banks and pawnshops.

Our Users

What People Say?

I've used a lot of different money transfer apps and Bitspark has the best rates. It helps me have more money to send to my daughter.
I like to use Bitspark when I don't have time to go to the money transfer shop.
Hong Kong
Money transfer is very important for my family. Bitspark can cash out quickly and is cheaper.
Hong Kong
Your money, your way

How it works:

About Depositing

Deposit at our Hong Kong cash points.

Being bankless is easy when you have a network available for you to cash in and cash out of.

Top up locations

Deposit at Bitspark's network of Hong Kong cash point agents.

Multi stablecoin account

Instantly access multiple stablecoins with cash in and cash out capabilities at designated destinations.

About Exchanging

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies & stablecoins.

Bitspark App is multifunctional for your needs whether it be sending money to loved ones or friends or even buying and selling cryptocurrency at the best rates.

Best exchange rates

Exchange cash and cryptocurrencies at the best rates. Better than Western Union and more competitive than top exchanges.

Easy to use

Our app is designed for the everyone whether you're new to cryptocurrency or not.

About Sending

Send and recieve cash with crypto.

Bitspark is the pioneer of bankless money transfers. Send and receive cash at the best rates with access to over 500k cash out locations in Asia.

Traditional cash out locations

Don't change the way you send money, your friends and family can cash out at their regular pawnshop, bank & convenient store.

Best FX rates

Enjoy 1 - 14% above FX rates and save money when you send.

About Withdrawing

Withdraw cash without compromise.

Since 2014, Bitspark has been growing it's cash out network for users so you never have to change your withdrawal location.

Traditional cash out locations

Cash out at over 500k cash out locations at local banks or pawnshops.

Recipients don't need a Bitspark account

Instantly send transfers to your recipient even if they don't have a Bitspark account, platform or app.

Earn more

Earn more.

Be rewarded everytime you send.

Bitspark is currently integrating its money transfer rewards token ZEPH. Stay tuned for updates!

Become a cash point

Become a deposit location for our network. Contact to learn more.

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Available now on Android and coming soon to iOS.