Inspirational stories of how crypto is saving the world

June 19, 2019

There is certainly no shortage of stories involving early crypto investors making millions, using the money to buy shiny new things, book exotic trips or perhaps fund a new crypto company. But besides stories about fortunes made trading crypto, there are plenty of inspirational stories of how crypto is used to save the world by addressing the world’s most pressing problems.

Education as a path to equality

Code to Inspire is an organisation dedicated to developing Afghanistan 2.0 with the first coding academy for women in Afghanistan. By increasing digital literacy, Code to Inspire is providing Afghan women with leverage in their fight for economic, political and social equality. Besides accepting donations in both fiat and crypto (BTC and ETH), in partnership with Bounties Network, the organisation launched a project designed to teach students how to work with Ethereum and smart contracts. Who knows, the developer of the killer-app that launches crypto into the mainstream just might be a student in Afghanistan.

Energy to electrify the ‘last mile’

Empowering people through energy access, Okra provides accessible and affordable solar energy in communities living in off-grid locations around the world. In partnership with Bitspark, they recently deployed a solar power grid in Palawan, a remote island in the West of the Philippines. Crypto plays an essential role in making the project feasible, as the community uses stablecoin stable.PHP, created by Bitspark, to pay for their utility bills.

The project is a double win for the community, as they now have energy to power their homes and a way to turn Philippine Peso cash into a digital stablecoin which gives them access to a global financial network.

Freedom of information

True journalism helps to preserve access to information and can serve to hold governing powers in check. For those reasons, Freedom of the Press Foundation is dedicated to protecting, defending and empowering public-interest journalism. In 2013, the organisation started to accept cryptocurrency donations in response to their supporters asking for a more secure way to fund the cause. Crypto was the perfect fit as it’s stateless money not governed by a single authority. The organisation now accepts bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Zcash which helps pay for the costs of protecting journalists under threat of arrest or persecution.

Access to clean drinking water

Multi-currency wallet Clean Water Coin takes a different approach to solving the global issue of access to clean water. It works just like any other crypto wallet, but one-tenth of a percent of each transaction made in the application is sent to Charity Water. That way, users of the wallet help fund Charity Water in providing clean drinking water to arid regions where people do not have access to freshwater. So far, Charity Water has been able to fund 38,000 water projects for 9.6 million people around the world.

Increasing financial inclusion worldwide

Our own crypto payments network solves a range of issues for people around the world who do not have access to the traditional banking system. Many people around the world today are ‘unbanked’, which makes it harder for them to develop equity and escape the cycle of poverty.

Our global network of affiliates provides cash-in cash-out on- and off-ramps bridging the gap between fiat and crypto. This is giving people access to a range of stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies which they can then use for transacting, saving or trading into different cryptocurrencies to build up a portfolio.

Bitspark’s bankless alternative is accessible to everyone, which helps raise the standard of living worldwide by increasing financial inclusion.

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