How to DEX: withdrawing Bitcoin or Ethereum from Sparkdex

Here we look into how to withdraw from the Sparkdex, specifically bitcoin and ethereum. Deposits and withdrawal times will be within 15 to 30 minutes making trading smoother for traders. You can withdraw crypto to your Bitspark wallet on the mobile app, which allows you to cash out BTC and ETH at our Cash Points using local currency stablecoins.

As sparkdex grows, users will be able to deposit and withdraw more currencies.

Step 1 Finding menu

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Once logged in, anywhere on the Sparkdex users can go to menu. The menu is the Hamburger Icon (three lines) placed at the far right hand corner of the terminal.

Step 2 Finding withdrawal (beta)


Once you click on the hamburger icon which will drop the menu you will see options including withdrawal. For this demonstration we will be using withdrawal (beta). Click withdrawal (beta) and a window will be created.

Step 3 Withdrawal process

  • You must have something to withdraw from your account to access withdraw. If you do not have a balance, withdraw will not appear.
  • You must also have at least 0.11 bts (BitShares) in your wallet for network fee.
Withdraw window with BTC, ETH assets

Here we see the dummy account holds BTC and ETH. For demo we will select BTC.

Selecting Sparkdex as gateway

When you click any asset, a gateway will have to be chosen. Click Sparkdex as your gateway ( as mentioned, Sparkdex is not responsible for any other gateway. Use them at your own risk) and follow the withdrawal instructions outlined.

Wallet scanning available as well as manual entry

You can enter your wallet address you wish to pull funds from or scan wallet QR code from your webcam.

Once the transaction is confirmed you will be taken back to the page you spawned from.

. . .  

Thanks for learning how to withdraw bitcoin and ethereum from Sparkdex.

If you have any questions please reach out to our growing community!

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