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How to DEX: depositing bitcoin or ethereum on Sparkdex

August 29, 2018

Here we look into how to deposit to Sparkdex, specifically bitcoin and ethereum. What is unique about Sparkdex is the super fast deposits and withdrawal speed at 15 to 30 minutes. As sparkdex grows, users will be able to deposit and withdraw more currencies. You can deposit any of the currencies from the Bitspark mobile wallet straight to your DEX wallet.

Step 1 Finding menu

Featured markets page

Once logged in, anywhere on the Sparkdex users can go to menu. The menu is the Hamburger Icon (three lines) placed at the far right hand corner of the terminal.

Step 2 Finding Deposit (beta)

Sparkdex menu

Once you click on the hamburger icon which will drop the menu you will see options including deposit. For this demonstration we will be using Deposit (beta). Click Deposit (beta) and a window will be created.

Step 3 Select deposit asset

Deposit window

This is the deposit window which will be the final steps in depositing. Click the asset box and type BTC, select BTC. If depositing ETH, type ETH and select ETHX852123 is an example account. It will have your wallet name.

Choosing Sparkdex gateway

Gateway field will then appear. When you drop this list you will see some providers. Click SPARKDEX to deposit btc or eth. Sparkdex is not responsible for other gateways. Use at your own risk.

Follow the deposit instructions. Once you have sent the btc or eth amount you may close the window. We suggest you copy the BTC or ETH address and track your transfer via blockchain.info or https://etherscan.io/ . Click close. Last step Tracking your deposit.

To track your deposit within the terminal go to dashboard, and then activity. You will be able to see the activity of your wallet.

. . .

Thanks for learning how to deposit bitcoin and ethereum on Sparkdex. If you have any questions please reach out to our growing community!

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