Countdown begins to Hong Kong's first decentralised cryptocurrency exchange

As many know, Bitspark products and services encompass an ecosystem, a part of which is the Sparkdex. Today we start the countdown until traders can begin to truly own their funds and trade securely.

Traders can begin to truly own their funds and trade securely.

The Sparkdex is Hong Kong's first traders portal to the world's leading decentralised exchange.

With more than USD$750m stolen from centralised exchanges since the start of 2018, trading decentralised is the next generation of trading. Securing funds it not the only offer Sparkdex has: with over 1600 markets of cryptocurrency, pegged crypto and tokens available, traders can begin accessing markets of the BitUSD, BitCYN, BitEUR, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and many more.

Over 1600 markets of cryptocurrency, pegged cryptos and tokens available. Sparkdex will be launching on the 30th of August.

Here is a preview of what will be offered to crypto, digital assets and token traders.

- Own your funds ; You own your funds, not Sparkdex.

- Live Transaction Status ; Every trade can be tracked on the Sparkdex status page.

- No Transaction Limits ; Deposit and withdraw Bitcoin and Ethereum without limitation.

- No Verification required ; Sparkdex does not require intrusive documentation about you.

Sparkdex is a part of Spark's money transfer ecosystem built on the BitShares blockchain. The decentralised exchange will host the company's incoming volume of stable coins pegged to 180+ international currencies from its international product line of web and mobile application that has been serving businesses and consumers since 2014.

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