Become a Bitspark cash point

Bitspark updates
May 15, 2019
Bitspark announces its network plans for cash points world wide.

Become a Bitspark cash point

Note: Agents can join Bitspark's network by the end of Q3, 2019. Please fill in this non responsive form so our team can contact you when our agent network program is live.

Bitspark is a money transfer company that uses cryptocurrency, not banks. Much like a regular cash transfer, Bitspark customers need to deposit cash and withdraw cash from a physical location or via a person. We call these cash points.

Our mission is to provide as many cash points for people to access Bitspark's products and services worldwide. By becoming a Bitspark cash point you can earn money when someone deposits or withdrawals money from you while helping Bitspark's network grow.  

What type of cash points are there?

Bitspark has two types of cash point agents determined by which product you use. While any agent can use web or mobile. We suggest the following;

  1. If you have a shop or a chain of shops we recommend you use Bitspark platform on your laptop, computer or smart device accessible by the web.
  2. If you don't have a shop we recommend you use Bitspark app on your mobile or smart device accessible by the App store from your device.

How do I become a cash point?

Once you have chosen to use Web or App you can fulfil the requirements of becoming a cash point by following the steps outlined below.  

Step one: Create an account.

Step two: Verify yourself

Step three: Go to the inclusion point tab and follow instructions.

What is the incentive to become a cash point?

The incentivisation program of becoming a cash point will be released closer to the date of Q3 2019.  

When can I join?

You can become a Bitspark cash point when the program goes live in Q3, 2019. In the meantime please fill in our agent network non responsive form so the Bitspark team can contact you.


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