How to buy Zeph with
US dollars

Pretty much everything on the global market is priced in the US dollar. Even in the world of crypto, a lot of the price action is quoted in USD, and you can indeed use USD cash to buy Zeph. Through Bitspark, you can buy Zeph with USD at any of the Cash Points that take US dollars. It is by far the easiest way to buy Zeph with USD.

How to exchange

All you need is the Bitspark mobile app to buy Zeph with USD. Go to one of the Cash Points in our network that accepts US dollar and make the cash to crypto trade. It’s simple, convenient, and at 1.5% one of the best rates in town.


Download the Bitspark Mobile App

Download the iOS | Android app, and create your account. It’s fast, free, and you don’t need to identify yourself.


Cash in

Find the nearest Cash Point using the map in the mobile app, and buy USD stablecoin using USD cash.


Buy Zeph

Buy Zeph with the USD stablecoin straight from your app.

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