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The ZEPH token is a reward token for users and early adopters of Bitspark's products

We use 25% of the commissions that Bitspark earns across it's business to buy back ZEPH from the open market. Buybacks began on October 31st.

> Read more about how our buybacks work. > See our latest buyback in detail.

We are building a cash to cryptocurrency ecosystem without banks.

Mobile app

Individuals act as inclusion points, converting cash to cryptocurrency

Business platform

Business users provide volume on digital currency pairs

Decentralised exchange

Our decentralised exchange provides liquidity and depth on key markets

Reward token

How does the ZEPH token work?

Read the whitepaper

Built-in positive price pressure

Buy-backs create upward pressure on the price of ZEPH as a result of the real-world usage of Bitspark's products.

Countercyclical market behaviour

Funds used for buy-backs come from customers outside of the cryptocurrency space.

Engineered for growth

ZEPH is designed to act as a growth incentive for all parts of Bitspark's products, causing growth in each area to compound across all others.
For shops

Shops can increase their margins by holding ZEPH as it appreciates in value

For individuals

Individuals can earn ZEPH when referring others to join our network

For business

Businesses can hold ZEPH to increase the profitability of their foreign currency trades

Our roadmap

In 2018, we have been busy building and delivering

We're making good progress against our goals from our ICO in 2017.

We recently launched our own decentralised exchange and commenced ZEPH buybacks in October of 2018.

View our roadmap for 2018

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