How to buy Ethereum with Australian dollars

Home to a solid community of Fintech companies building on Ethereum, Australia is a great market for buying and selling Ethereum. With more Fintech companies joining the fray, larger financial companies increasingly friendly towards crypto, and more exchanges in Australia listing Ethereum, there are indeed a lot of ways to buy Ethereum. 

How to exchange

All you need is the Bitspark mobile app to buy Ethereum with AUD. Go to one of the locations connected to our Australian Cash Point network and make the cash to crypto trade. It’s simple, convenient, and at 1.5% one of the best rates in town.


Download the Bitspark Mobile App

Download the iOS | Android app, and create your account. It’s fast, free, and you don’t need to identify yourself.


Cash in

Find the nearest Cash Point using the map in the mobile app, and buy the AUD stablecoin using AUD cash.


Buy Ethereum

Buy ETH with the AUD stablecoin straight from your app.

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