ZEPH Buybacks

Zephyr Buyback April 2019

April 30, 2019

A summary of this month's ZEPH buyback statistics

Bitspark is delighted to be delivering on the second major milestone in the Zephyr roadmap after the recent launch of our DEX, Sparkdex, with today’s 7th buyback of ZEPH. As noted in our previous blog post here the buybacks of ZEPH are based on the previous months commissions on Sparkdex and certain traditional remittance channels of which 25% of the commissions will be used for the purchase of ZEPH.

Buyback #7 (30 April 2019):

Account: zeph-bb

Amount: 94500 BTS

Market: BTS/ZEPH

Total ZEPH bought: 946539

Transaction IDs:


Buybacks take place at random times over the period of 30 days up to the amount of commissions apportioned for buybacks. We will include future buyback information in monthly blog posts, thank you for your support so far we at Bitspark are excited to be bringing financial inclusion to the world via ZEPH!

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