Sparkdex opens for traders

Sparkdex is now open for cryptocurrency trading! The decentralised exchange is stage four in building Bitspark's bankless financial ecosystem which includes an already built mobile app, platform and rewards token, ZEPH.

Straight up, the Sparkdex focuses on on-boarding and driving liquidity to the exchange. Bitspark team has been creating a trading experience matched with centralised exchanges and bringing volume across existing and new markets from Bitspark's money transfer ecosystem. Bitspark has started How to Dex, a series of short and educational articles for beginners, intermediate and expert Sparkdex users. Everything from account creation, deposit & withdrawal is available now. . . .What's different about Sparkdex? ‍

  • Traders own their funds, not the company or Sparkdex. How? Wallets are created locally and are encrypted for traders.
  • No intrusive AML/KYC required. Sparkdex does not believe it to be necessary for intrusive documentation and believes it infringes on privacy of customers and freedom of trading.
  • Unlimited deposit and withdrawal. Traders can deposit and withdraw crypto without limitation on how much.
  • Sparkdex.btc / Sparkdex.eth deposit and withdrawal. Sparkdex is a gateway to the world's oldest and most liquid dex. Sparkdex.btc and Sparkdex.eth allows you to deposit and withdraw bitcoin or ethereum from the DEXs.
  • 15 minutes deposit and withdrawal time of Bitspark assets. DEXs available can often take up to 24hrs for transaction arrival where as CEXs are near instantaneous for crypto transfers or up to 3 -5 business days for fiat transfers. With Sparkdex, deposit and withdrawal for BTC and ETH will only be up to 15 - 30 minutes.
  • Wallets are names, not long public keys. No need to deal with long strings of numbers, letters and symbols anymore.

In the following weeks‍

  • Live transaction status page. Transparency is key. As traders have the option to use Bitspark issued assets all wallets will be available for review for public audit. Traders will also be able to track the status of their transfers on this page offering full transparency unseen before.

The next generation of trading has arrived with Sparkdex at the forefront of the revolution. As the crypto ecosystem evolves, increasing restrictions hinder the growth of crypto and users ability to trade. With Sparkdex, traders can trade securely, freely and with transparency. We look forward to growing Sparkdex to be the decentralised exchange traders go to!

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