Bitspark drops BTC officially

As Bitspark continues development on Bitshares integration, it is also time to shed the company’s branding from Bitcoin centric to crypto agnostic.

When Bitspark started, Bitcoin was the inspiration and only liquid way to provide low cost transfers to our eight destination countries supported through our payment platform and mobile app in 2014. With the rise of different blockchains, many which have specific and applicable use now, companies such as Bitspark are able to find alternatives which suits its practical needs. As Bitcoin’s scalability issues over the years has proven difficult, we announced last year to change gears and try something new.

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The Bitspark community will be seeing a lot of changes, big and small, in the near future especially on the company's product offering such as the platform, app and rewards token, zephyr. We can’t wait to show you what’s been happening behind the scenes, but we can say it heavily involves local currency stablecoins. There are many practical benefits of stablecoins as they are designed for spending, stability and reliability. Stay tuned.

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Bitspark becomes official sponsor of REMTECH! Co-Founder and CEO, George Harrap will be judging remTech finalists in Malaysia 8th - 10th of May.

Zephyr gets covered in IBTimes article while Bitspark's Cofounder and COO Maxine Ryan is mentioned in "Who Are The World's Blockchain Stars? 8 People To Watch In 2018" story.


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