Bitspark announces funding, multi-signature security and Bitgo Inc partnership

Bitspark closes funding round and takes security and transparency to the next level plus a whole lot more!

Bitspark secures funding

Earlier this month Bitspark closed a funding round with prominent fintech investors hailing from Hong Kong for a six-figure (USD) sum. It has come at an exciting time for the company as more products, security and customer updates to Bitspark Exchange and Bitspark Remittance are rolled out. Some have deemed the hype of crypto dead due to the less than comforting price crashes this year but investment in Bitcoin focused ventures in late 2014 and 2015 thus far indicates the opposite. The most recent announcements of record breaking investment rounds from stealth to well-known crypto startups are testimonials that crypto isn't dead but it’s only just beginning. Bitcoin investments in 2014 were up 342% compared to 2013 and with the greater influx of start ups beginning to center themselves around crypto solutions, 2015 shows signs for the good news to continue.

In case you missed it...

Bitspark was highlighted in the recent Goldman Sachs March 2015 Equity Research Report "The Future of Finance". Clickhere  for the full report. )(

iFX EXPO 2015 Hong Kong(COO of Bitspark, Maxine Ryan, speaking at the  in Febuary about Bitspark remittance and its place for B2B finance.)

Security Partnership

The recent hacks exchanges has put further emphasis on the already known fact that security is the most important aspect of any exchange. This is why Bitspark is proud to announce a security partnership with Palo Alto based BitGo- a leading Bitcoin security provider. Bitspark will now be upgrading all customer Bitcoin deposit addresses to multi-signature addresses bringing a order of magnitude greater security for our customers. For those not familiar with Multi-sig security, it has been touted as one of the most important advancements in Bitcoin last year whereby multiple signatories are required to send a transaction, reducing the risk of you losing control of your keys to a Bitcoin wallet or a company losing control of their stored reserves.

We'd also like the point out Bitgo's recently blog post here regarding insurance on Bitcoin holdings for all enterprise customers. This includes Bitspark and in conjunction with our existing realtime proof of reserves technology, Bitspark is the worlds' first crypto finance platform to be able to bring these important security and transparency measures to the Bitcoin world.

Advanced Trading View teaser

A new option has been made for traders to use an advanced trading view. Bitspark's advanced trading view offers some of the best charting and technical indicators of any crypto-currency platform in the world and is laid out in a familiar manner for many experienced traders. Don't forget to tweet your forecast predictions on Bitsparks twitter! There is also a new chat box function nestled within the trading view to discuss your ideas and next big thing. We will be releasing this in the coming weeks!

Earlier this month...

*(CEO George Harrap is invited to HKU to discuss fintech and bitcoin to students)*

Remittance Bitcoin Prepaid Cards

Since expanding Bitcoin remittances from Hong Kong to Philippines and Indonesia, Bitspark has newly launched a Bitcoin Prepaid Card service for the daily remitter. These cards function as any other ordinary prepaid card except that its mechanism of transfer is via bitcoin. It is strongly believed that users shouldn't have to know what Bitcoin is to experience the virtues of Bitcoin and its utility and improvements for remittances worldwide. To add to the cause, HK Pinoy Global Remittance & Store has partnered with Bitspark to be a vendor of Bitspark Prepaid cards and supporting Bitcoin remittances in Hong Kong!

Check out this Reddit post about out our remittances.(Migrant workers using Bitcoin powered remittance via Bitspark!  )

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