Cali-Mex Cash Point in Tsim Sha Tsui: Buy Bitcoin with cash

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December 19, 2019

Cali-Mex has opened a new Cash Point located at their restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. This is the second Cali-Mex Cash Point open for business in addition to the first location in Sheung Wan. The next time you go down to Cali-Mex in TST for some delicious food, you can buy and sell Bitcoin using HKD cash all in the same place. 

What is a Cash Point?

Cash Points are locations connected to Bitspark where people can exchange cash to crypto and vice versa. Some of our customers have opened Cash Points in physical locations like shops and restaurants, whereas others prefer to offer the service in a mobile way. 

The way it works is simple

Step 1: Download the app: Play Store and iOS

Step 2: Find and visit nearest Cali-Mex Cash Point

Step 3: Trade HKD cash for HKD stablecoin

From the Bitspark mobile app, you can then exchange your HKD stablecoins for any of the other cryptocurrencies available such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitShares, Zeph or even other stablecoins pegged to currencies such as USD, SGD, GBP, AUD, CNY, PHP and EUR.

Cali-Mex Bitspark Cash Point

Buying Bitcoin in Hong Kong just got delicious

Over time, the Cash Point network will be rolled out across all the 16 restaurants spread throughout Hong Kong – all conveniently located next to MTR stations. Plus, with only a 1.5% fee, it’s not only the most delicious but also one of the best ways to buy Bitcoin with cash.

Bitspark Mobile App: Crypto Wallet, Exchange And Much More

With the Bitspark mobile app, you can easily exchange between crypto, local currency stablecoins and cash using a single app.


  • Multicurrency wallet for using crypto in everyday life
  • Exchange between coins in just a few taps
  • Send P2P to other app users
  • Find Cash Points near you
  • Earn ZEPH rewards for referrals

Download the app now

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