The best financial & crypto apps for Millennials

November 20, 2019

Digitalisation, mobile apps and the sharing economy have made our lives more efficient in terms of how we get to places, find information and socialise. But there have also been some fundamental changes with how we organise money and grow our wealth over time thanks to the financial apps we have available.

The development of crypto has played an important role here: whereas access to services in  traditional finance markets often depends on licensed intermediaries, access to the crypto economy is direct. Mobile apps play an important role in further driving this positive change. 

Here we list the best financial apps for Millennials (in alphabetical order) that help to get a grip on our finances and grow our wealth.


acorns financial app

Acorns is awesome if you want to start investing in traditional markets, but you fear you may not have the resources. It works like this: every time when you purchase something with your bank card (which you have connected to your app), Acorns rounds the amount up to the next highest dollar and invests the difference in a portfolio of low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) which you have pre-selected. It’s basically helping you to save money without really noticing it. 


bitspark crypto app

This app is unique: it lets you locate Cash Points where you can exchange cash for crypto; distribute your funds across multiple stablecoins; trade Bitcoin, Ethererum, Zeph, BitShares; and transfer cryptocurrency to another user or external wallet. 

Because the app lists a variety of stablecoins for local currencies including USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, SGD, AUD and CNY, it’s the perfect app to diversify your portfolio and access global financial markets without having to rely on banks. Furthermore, because it enables you to buy and sell crypto with cash, it’s a popular way to cash out crypto by withdrawing funds from another exchange. 

Coin Stats

coin stats crypto app

This free app helps you track your Bitcoin and altcoin investments and stay updated about important related information. You can view analytical and pricing data on over 1000 cryptocurrencies quoted in a fiat currency of choice, and lets you set price alerts from more than 20 exchanges. 


Mint crypto app

If you have trouble maintaining a clear overview of how much money you have, Mint may be a good option. It helps you create budgets, track your spending and get smarter about how you use your money. By linking the app to your bank cards and your monthly bills, Mint will be able to let you know what you can afford, remind you of what you owe, send payment reminders and warn you when you’re about to go beyond your budget. 


robinhood financial app

If you’re new to investing, Robinhood is a great app to help get you started. With it, you can invest in public companies and exchange-traded funds listed on US stock exchanges and purchase crypto. What’s unique is that transactions are free for stocks, ETFs, options, and other financial products. It also allows users to trade Bitcoin easily. 

The power of mobile tech

Arguably, mobile technology will be key to the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and over time we expect mobile apps to be increasingly important in the way we engage finance. In emerging economies, for example, where people commonly do not have bank accounts, mobile apps are incredibly important as people transition from cash to digital money.

We are seeing this first-hand in the way our users engage the Bitspark app. More and more people are finding out how easy it is to access crypto markets with cash, and then use crypto for a variety of things like making payments or sending money.


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