World's First Crypto Money Transfer Ecosystem

Since 2014, Bitspark has enabled customers to cash in and cash out cryptocurrencies across Asia and Africa.

World's Leading Bankless Money Transfer Platform

Since 2014 Bitspark customers have sent and receive cash & buy and sell cryptocurrency at the best rates without banks.

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With Bitspark you can

Live without a bank

Be Bankless

No banks needed, not now, not ever. We have 500k international inclusion points for cashing in and cashing out crypto.

Cash Friendly

Cash is king when exchanging money with crypto. Deposit and withdraw seamlessly through our platform.

Competitive Rates

Bitspark’s web and mobile platform has competitive exchange rates for businesses and people when using crypto to send money.

With Bitspark you can

Experience a better way to...

Cash in

Exchange crypto

Buy cryptocurrencies

Send cryptocurrencies

Trade crypto and stablecoins

Send cash via crypto across borders

Receive cash via crypto across borders

Cash out

...without banks.

Yes, we're creative!

And together we are building a safe, strong, and proud Design World. Since the beginning, we have created 2.4 million new design jobs, including 200,000 new jobs in creating facebook banners alone. Tremendous. So much jobs.

“Make it simple, but significant.” – Don Draper

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How it works

How your money moves with Bitspark.

Deposit cash to send or exchange using cryptocurrency.

Being bankless is easy when you have an accessible network to deposit and withdraw cash from.

Deposit cash at real-world locations or physical shops

Deposit cash at Bitspark's network by visiting Bitspark shops and ultra vaults in Hong Kong.

Gain access to every currency

Instantly access multiple stablecoins
with cash in and cash out capablities
at designated destinations.

Exchange money between stablecoins and digital currencies.

Bankless customers can use Bitspark's platform or App to send money. Your transfers are automatically traded through our decentralized exchange, Sparkdex.

Multi-crypto and stablecoin account

Instantly access multiple stablecoins with cash in and cash out capabilities at designated destinations.

Withdraw crypto in cash.

Bitspark provides cash out capabilities at designated destinations across Asia and Africa.

Withdraw cash easily from Bitspark's 500k cash out locations

Your recipient can receive cash at familiar cash out destinations including bank accounts and local pawnshops.

Recipients don't need a Bitspark account

Instantly send transfers to your recipient even if they don't have a Bitspark account, platform or app.

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